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Director // Regisseurin // Ohjaaja



Gretta-Garoliina Sammalniemi originates from South Lapland, Finland and studies directing at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF München). She is making films and ads in Germany, Finland and Iceland,  switching the working language between German, English and her mother tongue Finnish.


In addition to directing, she has been involved with the scripts and concepts she has directed and is actively writing short and long stories on.


Her interest can be caught especially with the weight of social and political themes, and, as having passion for sports being a runner herself,  with the visuality  of a human body in motion, may it be dance or sports. She lists as her specialities stories with limited or no dialogue and working with children. 

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Welcome to the 70s!

Specspot, Social Spot // 2,5min // Germany

Production: Wenndann Film

Produced for Doctors for Choice

Dr. Hauschka "Dear You"

Specspot // 90sec // Germany

Production: Wenndann Film


Terra, Economy & Flow - product lines /á 60sec/ Germany

Sonja SchönGreen Art Wear

Fashion / Dance // Germany // In post-production

Therese & Luise

Therese & Luise Collection 2017 // Iceland // Fashion

BOHO Travels

BOHO Travels // Czeh // Travel



Specspot - Climate Clip // Hoffbräu /60sec/ HFF München

Production: Sova Pictures


Mother's love

Shortfilm // 19 min // 16mm / Digital // Germany

HFF München


Shortfilm // 5 min // Digital // Finland

Production: Fernando's Barrels


The Reason

Shortfilm // 4 Min // Digital // Germany

Production: HFF München

Night flowers

Shortfilm //10 Min // 16mm// Germany

Production: HFF München


Shortfilm // 3 Min // Digital // Finland

Production: KTAMK


A park, a man and a hot dog seller

Shortfilm // 10 Min // Digital // Iceland //in post-production

Production: The Icelandic Film School


Heavy Metal Dancers

79 Min // Digital // 2021// Germany

Production: Elfenholz Film, HFF München

Les Feux Arctiques

42 Min // Digital // Finland

Production: KTAMK

Daddy O'mine

10 Min // Digital // Finland

Production: KTAMK

Two sides of me

5 min // Digital // Finland

Production: Fernando's Barrels


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