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Mother's love

Shortfilm| 19 min | Germany 2015 

Gustav (70) has a secret he can't share with anyone. Ever since his wife Else left the family the relationship between him and his daughter Petra (33) has been almost non-existing leaving his son Matthias to do his best to stop the family from totally falling apart. Mother love tells a story of a broken family being brought together by the same shame and secret that separated them.

Roles: Justin Mühlenhardt, Laura Preiss, Alexander Osteroth, Anne Stegmann, Miguel Abrantes Ostrowski, Heike Koslowski, Lucie Stickel, Oskar Vogt, Leonie Lindert, Christian Ammermüller

Director & Script: Gretta-Garoliina

Production: HFF München, Gretta-Garoliina

DOP: Karl Kürten

Edit: Matthias Kirschner

Sound design: Andreas Goldbrunner

Music: Lukas Kout

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