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Les Feux Arctiques

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Documentary | 40 min | FIN, 2011

Les Feux Arctiques (Arktiset tulet) is the story of the scientific expeditions to Lapland in 1838-39 by the La Recherche expedition, sent by King Louis I of France. The expeditions were guided by the Reverend Lars Levi Laestadius, who contributed his own scientific material to the French expeditions to Lapland. 

The French commissioned Laestadius to compile a history of the Lappish people, which he carried out  between 1840 and 1845 as “The fragments of Lappish mythology.”

For this valuable collaboration, King Louis I awarded Laestadius the Cross of the French Legion of Honour in 1841.



Roles: Samuel Chazalmartin (Xavier Marmier), Hannu Friman (Biard), Markku Köngäs (Lars Levi Laestadius), Jari Mertala (Gaimard), Kalervo Uutto (Johansson), Christophe Pinon (Ludvig Philip I )

Director: Gretta-Garoliina

Producer: Matti Malinen

Production Manager: Janne Elkki

Script: Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa, Jari Manninen, Juhani Kenttä

DOP: Tero Saikkonen

Edit: Suvi Alamaunu

Costume design & Props: Jaana Isokangas, Anne Mustonen

Sound Design: Matias Puumala

Music: Jussi Huhtala, Joonas Hartikainen, Tero Koski

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